• New writing for publicart.ie
    Memorial to the Victims of Abuse while in Residential Care. thumbnail
    by Joanne Laws. November 2013

    Discusses; Monuments. Memorials. Selection Processes. Studio Negri and Henessy. NJBA. Seamus Nolan. OPW. Critical reception. 

  • New writing for publicart.ie
    What are we? thumbnail
    by Nathalie Weadick

    Temporary Architecture; Redefining Art; Redefining Architecture; Anthony Vidler; Balance of Power; Users and creators of the built environment; Gor...

  • New writing for publicart.ie
    Examples of Artist-led Commissioning in Ireland thumbnail
    by Megs Morley

    artist-led, commissioning, socially engaged, site specific, Ground Up, Fiona Woods, X-PO, Deidre O'Mahony, Gareth Kennedy, Carol Anne Connolly, Ali...

  • New writing for publicart.ie
    For Whom? thumbnail
    by Alice Lyons

    The heart of public art is relational.  But what is a public?  Alice Lyons recounts her thinking about the 'multiplicity of publics' refl...

  • New writing for publicart.ie
    Public Art: Memory and Tradition thumbnail
    by Gemma Tipton

    Mounuments and Memorials; Cultural Tourism; Equestrian Statues; The O' Connell Monument, Dublin;  The Spire; Minimalism; Jochen Gerz, Monument...

  • New writing for publicart.ie
    Structure And Sculpture thumbnail
    by Jim Mansfield

    What artists need to be aware of when engaging an engineer; stresses and foundations; withstanding forces - wind, water; stability and equilibrium,...

  • New writing for publicart.ie
    Regeneration & City Development  - Public & Socially Engaged Art thumbnail
    by Tara Byrne. November 2013

    Discusses; Regeneration. Instrumentalisation. Public/Private space. Breaking Ground, Ballymun, Dublin. National Sculpture Factory, Cork. Upsta...

  • New writing for publicart.ie
    Public Art in Ireland- Legacy and the Future - a personal view thumbnail
    by Gaynor Seville. May 2013

    A personal overview written by Mayo County Council public art co-ordinator, Gaynor Seville on her beliefs with regard to the value of art comm...

  • New writing for publicart.ie
    The Food Thing thumbnail
    by Jeanette Doyle. May 2013

    'The food thing' is an ongoing, open-ended, collaborative project which emer...

  • The Aesthetics of Witnessing: A Conversation with Alfredo Jaar thumbnail
    by Patricia C Philips

    Discussed; Song, African music, New York, Angola, civil war, Rwanda, history, visual poetics, reading research, disparate economies, Giuseppe Ungar...

  • Public Art: An Expanded Field thumbnail
    by Ailbhe Murphy

    The shift in the traditional cycle of commissioning and production; the  expanded arena for public art; complex institutional frameworks; rela...

  • New writing for publicart.ie
    Mapping Memories thumbnail
    by Gemma Tipton

    Discussed: Amaptocare and the National Memory Grove projects in Ballymun reflecting on the differences between price, cost and value; Jochen Gerz; ...

  • Some practices of in-between thumbnail
    by Fiona Woods

    Some practices of in-between considers a number of current art and architectural practices that engage with the in-between as a site of prod...

  • In Search of the Public  thumbnail
    by Fiona Woods

    The question of art’s encounter with its various publics is a vexed one. Art practices that are oriented towards the social have generated a whol...

  • Art in Slack Spaces thumbnail
    by Annette Moloney

    Discussed: Slack Spaces, Creative Limerick Initiative, Simon Sheikh, publics, counter-publics, the Celtic Tiger, Exchange Dublin, Richard Florida, ...

  • International correspondence
    Peanutz Architekten Profiled thumbnail
    by Vagabond Reviews

    Discussed: Design, housing, public space, private space, laboratory, TUNING, Umberto Eco, advice-giving, cats, weddings, urban software, 1:1 scale,...

  • The non metropolitan as a site of resistance thumbnail
    by Fiona Woods

    The non-metropolitan; a site of resistance (Text based on a talk given by Fiona Woods at

  • In the Place of the Public Sphere? Or, the World in Fragments  thumbnail
    by Simon Sheikh

    Discussed; spectatorship, private sphere, fragmentation, agonism, Jürgen Habermas, Counter-publics, participatory models, Oskar Negt, Alexander Kl...

  • The Politics of the centre  thumbnail
    by James Merrigan

    Discussed: Localness, Bourriaud, Liam Gillick, art-market politics, Altermodern, in betweenness, Alan Phelan, Star Trek, NCAD, 'radicant' artists, ...

  • Location Location thumbnail
    by Claire Doherty

    Coming of age, Charles Esche, Vasif Kortun, Istanbul, Liverpool, Lewis Briggs, City as research subject, Hal Forster, participant, viewer, collabor...

  • Commemorative Public Art thumbnail
    by Lisa Moran

    The Austrian historian Robert Musil noted, 'there is nothing in this world as invisible as a monument'. Despite their commemorative rhethoric, memo...

  • International correspondence
    Stroom Den Haag Profiled  thumbnail
    by Vagabond Reviews

    Design Academy Eindhoven, architecture, urban environment, Cyprien Gaillard, lectures, debates and libraries, James Turrell, Platform for Architect...

  • Antagonism and Relational Aesthetics thumbnail
    by Claire Bishop

    Discusses: Laboratory, White Cube, Maria Lind, wilful instability, Nicolas Bourriaud, Relational Aesthetics, work-in-progress, being at the vanguar...



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Nazareth Housing Association provides independent living houses for individuals and couples who are 65 and over and on the Sligo County Council housing list.  Nazareth Village is comprised of 48 houses in a garden setting.  The Village was financed as a public-private partnership between Nazareth Housing Association and Sligo County Council with funding from the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government.  

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