Moving Dublin


Anne Cleary & Denis Connolly


A million everyday journeys course through the veins of Dublin, giving it life (or poisoning it?). These journeys range in scale and rhythm from the incessant and anonymous flow of motorway traffic, through the familiar trundling of a local bus journey right down to the micro-scale of an early morning stroll around the block with a dog.

This multiplicity of intersecting paths gives the place its form, carving roads, highways and public spaces, and filling the void in-between with buildings. The impact of these journeys transforms lives, changes the face of the city and resonates on a planetary level. Throughout the two years that we worked on Cityloops we moved around Dublin in every way possible by car, taxi, bus, train, tram, bicycle and on foor and in all seasons. We amassed a hoard of treasures; video footage, photographs, interviews, ambient sounds, stories, all little snippets of Moving Dublin. These documents reflect as much the built reality of the urban space as they do a mental picture of the city that Lady Morgan once called her dear, dirty, Dublin.

Writers: Eileen Casey, Colm Keegan, Frank MacDonald and Sarah Searson

Editors: Anne Cleary and Denis Connolly

Publisher: Gandon Editions


Full Colour Illustrations

96 pages

230 mm x 235 mm

ISBN: 978 0948037 696

Funder/Commissioner: South Dublin County Council

Available from: Gandon Editions

Price: €20



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