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666 777 888

666 777 888 - Image
Stephen Rennicks

The first part to be completed denotes the present and is physically represented by an already existing ancient site of stone mounds of which an additional one was constructed by the artist on 6/6/2006. This is located on Kilronan mountain, over looking the town of Keadue in Co. Roscommon. Stone ...

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Costello Memorial Chapel Project

Costello Memorial Chapel Project - Image
Stephen Rennicks

A 20 minute sound piece, Time, was constructed solely from sounds emanating into the chapel on one day during October 2005. The artist had come to see it as being a type of recording device of the ever changing fate’s of the towns population since it was built. 50 CD’s were placed anon...

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Black Lough Trilogy

Black Lough Trilogy - Image
Stephen Rennicks

A project which on the surface used metaphor to bridge the gulf between imagination and reality. The location was revealed on a website of a trail of red thread markers through a forest to this elusive and forgotten lake. A limited pile of CD’s with the sound piece, New Alarm Clocks, als...

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On/Off states

On/Off states - Image
Elaine Reynolds

On/Off states took place on an incomplete and apparently abandoned construction site that now dominates a small, rural Leitrim village. One house, in the very early stages of construction, was utilised specifically as an example of a structure, considered under the current NAMA catego...

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Notes on the (Microscopical) Character of Krakatoa

Notes on the (Microscopical) Character of Krakatoa - Image
Amanda Rice

Entitled “Notes on the (Microscopical) Character of Krakatoa” the interactive installation comprises, a research presentation and first public viewing of an interactive artwork composed of sound, video and sculpture. The viewer can expect to peer into a geometric sculptural object

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The Poulnabrone Bouncy Dolmen

The Poulnabrone Bouncy Dolmen - Image
Jim Ricks

A monumental inflatable replica sculpture, twice the scale of the 6,000 year old megalithic portal tomb of the same name, located in the Burren, Co. Clare

The Poulnabrone Bouncy Dolmen by Jim Ricks is designed for members of the public, of all ages, to interact with. The artwork will be t...

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The Spire of Dublin

The Spire of Dublin - Image
Ian Ritchie Architects

120 metres high and 3 metres in diameter at the base, the stainless steel monument was designed by Ian Ritchie Architects (London) and rises above O’Connell Street. Ritchie has explained that he polished pattern at its base "can be read as mirrored seas or lakes or, conversely, a...

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Flow - Image
Vivienne Roche

A relief sculpture made of handmade glass, bronze and plaster commissioned as part of the construction of the new county hall in Swords, County Dublin. The architecturally ambitious building demanded artworks to match its unique presence and so it was agreed that artists would be invited to the ...

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Open Window/A Clinically Useful Artwork?

Open Window/A Clinically Useful Artwork? - Image
Denis Roche

Open Window/ A Clinically Useful Artwork? forms part of an ongoing clinical research into the influence of contemporary art in an acute care environment, (the National Bone Marrow Transplant Unit, Denis Burkitt Ward, St.James's Hospital). In part one of the work Denis Roche devised a ...

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Haiku Week

Haiku Week  - Image
Mark Roper

The haiku is a a very old form of poetry originating in Japan. It consists of seventeen syllables, spread over three lines. Its brevity allows the form to create something like an instant verbal image. It's a form whose use can be taught quickly, and is now very widely practiced in the West. It i...

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Nazareth Housing Association provides independent living houses for individuals and couples who are 65 and over and on the Sligo County Council housing list.  Nazareth Village is comprised of 48 houses in a garden setting.  The Village was financed as a public-private partnership between Nazareth Housing Association and Sligo County Council with funding from the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government.  

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