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Signatures - Image
Brian Maguire, Brian O'Connor & Dominic Thorpe

The project investigates ideas of national identity by collecting the stories and experiences of a number of people from varying cultural backgrounds, some of whom were born in Ireland and others who have recently come to live here. The stories have been presented using commercial advertising pos...

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Sightless Cinema

Sightless Cinema - Image
Ciarán Taylor & Rachel Ni Chuinn

Director/devisor Ciarán Taylor collaborated with sound artist and composer Rachel Ní Chuinn to work with blind and visually impaired participants to explore, devise, perform, record and present new radio drama. The aim was to create work which came from the aural experience of blind people and,...

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Show Home

Show Home - Image
Nathan Coley

A temporary public art project that brought a mythic, rural cottage into an urban environment, locating it on the roof of the former City Arts Centre's warehouse building in the heart of Dublin's financial district. It looked at the nature of the dream home; a concept that the modern property dev...

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Sheebeen Apocalypto

Sheebeen Apocalypto - Image
Carl Giffney

The work that took place at Arigna Fuels was proposed to be a process orientated one, and had no end point in mind when it was proposed or when it commenced. A methodology was outlined. Its objectives were to interact with the factory's work force and to use the outcomes of this interaction as th...

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Settlement - Image
Cornelia Konrads

Konrads responded to the natural landscape and architectural heritage in her work. In Settlement the ruin of a small house is located in the meadow next to the road. With its simple, symmetric outline, the broad windows and the smooth rendered surface of the lower part this building reflects an a...

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Sending Letters to the Sea

Sending Letters to the Sea - Image
Mark Garry

A collaborative music project informed by the historical connections between music and faith.

In 2007 a number of artists were selected to be part of Fingal County Council's Public Art Panel. The selected artists were invited to respond to a brief which reflected, either physically or theoretica...

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Second Generation

Second Generation - Image
Kathleen Moroney

Kathleen Moroney used old cobblestones from the site in recognition of its former function as horse stables. Over a number of weeks she re-created them in porcelain clay and fired them in the kiln to create a bone-like white ...

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Search - Image
Ciarán Taylor

A site-specific promenade mask play without words, that the audience follow on a journey of imagination through five floors of the dlr LexIcon library, including its outdoor spaces.

Story: Cathal is an older man. His wife Angela has recently died. He finds her bag of library books a...

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Sean's Spiral

Sean's Spiral - Image
Richard Serra

Sean's Spiral (1984) is a steel, triangular-spiral sculpture, which was embedded into the cobblestoned road outside the main entrance to the former Guinness Hop Store (now The Digital Exchange) on Rainsford Street, Dublin in 1984, as a commission for that year's ROSC exhibition. The sculpture inc...

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Sea Change

Sea Change - Image
Patricia McKenna

For this work, McKenna created brightly coloured gelatine pieces, loosely based on fish and other forms, that were placed on Sandycove Beach at low tide on 3 September 2008. Over the course of the day, they gradually dissolved and drifted out to sea, leaving no trace of the work. McKenna is conce...

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Nazareth Housing Association provides independent living houses for individuals and couples who are 65 and over and on the Sligo County Council housing list.  Nazareth Village is comprised of 48 houses in a garden setting.  The Village was financed as a public-private partnership between Nazareth Housing Association and Sligo County Council with funding from the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government.  

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