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Saoi - Image
Seamus Kennedy

Saoi (the Irish word for wisdom) is a work by artist Seamus Kennedy, commissioned by Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council in 2005 under the Lumens project.

The Lumens project invited artists to make proposals considering ideas of light / illumination for the town of Dun Laoghaire,...

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Tir Saile Residency Project

Tir Saile Residency Project - Image
Gareth Kennedy

The project explores a critical play with material, place, trace and legacy in Carrow Teigue and surrounds. Research visits to national museums and archives holding archaeological and folkloric material relating to Erris have been supplemented with on the ground meetings with inhabita

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Herakles and the Stympalian Birds

Herakles and the Stympalian Birds - Image
John Kindness

Herakles and the Stympalian Birds is an internal, wall mounted artwork presented in two parts. The main work is located in The Source Arts Centre library, and explores methods of writing up to the 20th Century. The second postscript piece of the work is located in the centre foyer, relating to 21...

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Fionn Mac Cumhaill and his hounds

Fionn Mac Cumhaill and his hounds - Image
Lynn Kirkham - Greenmantle

This public artwork was commissioned by Kildare County Council for a number of reasons, it was to mark the contribution of the work of the army at the Curragh Camp, to mark the significance of Fionn and na Fianna in Kildare and to initiate a key piece to be included in the Public Art and Heritage...

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Settlement - Image
Cornelia Konrads

Konrads responded to the natural landscape and architectural heritage in her work. In Settlement the ruin of a small house is located in the meadow next to the road. With its simple, symmetric outline, the broad windows and the smooth rendered surface of the lower part this building reflects an a...

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The Marker Tree

The Marker Tree - Image
Andreas Kopp

The Marker Tree, installed in 2011, is a highly visible landmark sculpture on the N7, Co Dublin at the Kingswood interchange, which can be viewed up close and from a distance. Its bright colours are eye-catching by day and by night it is gracefully illumina...

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Voices of Memory

Voices of Memory - Image
Christina Kubisch

A riverside sound-art installation at the Irish National War Memorial Gardens

Located along the banks of the River Liffey at the Memorial Gardens in Islandbridge, Dublin, Voices of Memory, is a contemporary sound artwork by internationally renowned artist Christina Kubisch. designed as a commemo...

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Value for Taxprayers Money

Value for Taxprayers Money - Image
Nevan Lahart

The artist set up studio in a vacant pub in the centre of town. The paintings took the form of street signage. The subject matter was based on the artist’s response to the previous decade of prosperity and the very recent, 2008, economic downturn and financial crisis. One of the sculpture’s w...

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Lucan Portrait

Lucan Portrait - Image
Katharine Lamb

A 12 foot by 5 foot highly detailed stained glass light-box, installed in the entrance foyer to Lucan Library, took over nine months of intensive research and production and is a contemporary portrait of the people and the suburban and rural landscapes of one of Ireland's fastest growing satellit...

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The Soft Edge

The Soft Edge - Image
Aileen Lambert

 A participatory-led research project involving the collection of local knowledge, stories and fieldnames along the townsland border of Creagh, on the edge of Gorey town in County Wexford.

In 2006 the Arts Department of the Wexford Council commissioned Aileen Lambert to develop a project wh...

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Per cent for art commission | St Conleths' schools, Newbridge, Co.Kildare

16 March 2023

St. Conleth and Mary’s National School and St Conleth’s Infant School invite artist(s) in all artform disciplines and practice to submit expression...More..

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Focus On



Nazareth Housing Association provides independent living houses for individuals and couples who are 65 and over and on the Sligo County Council housing list.  Nazareth Village is comprised of 48 houses in a garden setting.  The Village was financed as a public-private partnership between Nazareth Housing Association and Sligo County Council with funding from the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government.  

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