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Polestar - Image
Locky Morris

The monument is made of 104 treated timber telegraph poles (each measuring approximately 300mm in diameter and 6.5 metres in length). The piece rises to a height of 12 metres, with a similar width, and a breadth of 6.5 metres, and is lit from below with 12 base-mounted spotlights. It was construc...

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Bundoran Seafront Public Art Trail

Bundoran Seafront Public Art Trail - Image
Locky Morris, Grace Weir, Brendan Mc Gloinn & Joe & Pat Walker & Walker

In 1999 Bundoran Town Council commissioned four artists - Locky Morris, Grace Weir, Brendan Mc Gloin and Walker & Walker - to develop sculptural pieces in response to the town’s coastal shorefront and sea cliff.

Grace Weir’s <span style="font...

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No. 27 - A Nod To Ed Ruscha

No. 27 - A Nod To Ed Ruscha - Image

Maser’s artwork took a drab, run-down inner-city petrol station, and re-invigorated the building, forecourt, shutters, petrol pumps and vehicles with vivid colours and pop-art patterns. The urban art project took five 14-hour days, and almost 300 litres of paint to complete, as everything had t...

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Changing Tracks

Changing Tracks - Image
Various Artists

The Irish edition of Changing Tracks was launched in Westport, Co. Mayo, on 12 July 2014. [Launches also took place in Tortosa (30 May), Girona & Olot (14 June) and Northamptonshire (15 August)]. The three participating artists created the following projects for the County Mayo context:


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The Central Field

The Central Field - Image
Rhona Byrne & Yvonne McGuinness

A temporary live land artwork. This site-specific project took place in Adamstown, a suburban new town in South Dublin County which has been in development since 2005. The artists identified this greenfield site which was due to become the 'commercial or district town centre’ of Adamstown but ...

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Vestibule - Image
Daniel Gustav Cramer, Aleana Egan & Eva Rothschild

‘Vestibule’, was initiated and devised by independent curator Aoife Tunney. It ran from 16th May to 20th September 2014 in Merrion Square, Dublin, and curated works responded to and considered the architecture and history of the iconic Georgian square. An ou...

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Illumination - Image
Andrew Kearney

Andrew Kearney was curated by Breaking Ground in 2002,, to make a non-permanent installation to mark the beginning of the series of art commissions attendant to the Ballymun regeneration programme. After consulting with residents, Andrew made a public artwork which illuminated...

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Sculpture for Derry Walls

Sculpture for Derry Walls - Image
Antony Gormley

‘Sculpture for Derry Walls’ (1987) was a three-part sculpture placed in three particular locations along the city’s seventeenth century fortified walls: on the east overlooking the Foyle River, over the Bogside by the remains of the Walker Monument and on the Bastion overlooking the Fountai...

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Glasshouse Archive: Modernity’s North Dublin Legacy

Glasshouse Archive: Modernity’s North Dublin Legacy - Image
Gerard Byrne

In 2005, Gerard Byrne spent several months documenting glasshouses in the rural areas of Rush and Lusk, County Dublin. The artist produced a series of 20 photographs which portrayed the glasshouse as embodying an 'architecture of market gardening activity'. The photographs were housed in a s...

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Crann Saoilse (Wall of Light)

Crann Saoilse (Wall of Light) - Image
Sean Scully

Crann Saoilse (2003) consists of a wall composed of black and white stone cubes, set in a chequered board pattern.

Dimensions: 30.5 meters long x 3 meters high x 2.5 meters wide

Materials: Stone cubes (76.2 x 76.2x 76.2 cm): Portuguese limestone - Moleanos - (white) and Chinese b...

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Nazareth Housing Association provides independent living houses for individuals and couples who are 65 and over and on the Sligo County Council housing list.  Nazareth Village is comprised of 48 houses in a garden setting.  The Village was financed as a public-private partnership between Nazareth Housing Association and Sligo County Council with funding from the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government.  

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