Artist Name(s) Locky Morris
Artwork title Polestar

The monument is made of 104 treated timber telegraph poles (each measuring approximately 300mm in diameter and 6.5 metres in length). The piece rises to a height of 12 metres, with a similar width, and a breadth of 6.5 metres, and is lit from below with 12 base-mounted spotlights. It was constructed using a series of triangular sections, bolted together with galvanised steel, and assembled in an interlocking pattern to produce an extruded, circular, star-like configuration.

The site of ‘Polestar’ (on the Port Bridge Roundabout, Letterkenny) was historically a hub for transport and trade, where goods arrived by boat, and were transported to the surrounding areas via rail and road. Accordingly, the artist aimed to produce both a boat-like structure incorporating a locomotive/train-track theme, to commemorate the significance of these forms of transportation to the town's historical development.


Locky Morris was born in Derry in 1960, where he continues to live and work. He studied in Belfast and Manchester. His career as an artist spans three decades and encompasses photography, installation and video. He is also a musician and songwriter. In recent years he has been expanding his practice from object-making to include text, sound and digital media. The recipient of numerous awards, he has realised a broad range of public art projects. His work has been exhibited widely in Ireland and international, outlined in detail on his website: www.lockymorris.org/biography/

Commission Type Local Authority
Commissioner Name Donegal Co. Council
Commissioning process Two stage open competition
Partners Letterkenny Town Council
Artform Visual Arts
Funded By Donegal County Council
Percent for art Yes
Budget Range 70000 - 150000 euro
Project commission end date 29/09/2006
Location Port Bridge Roundabout, Derry Road
County Donegal
Town Letterkenny
Content contributor(s) Web Editor
Associated professionals / Specialists involved

Project Manager: Ms. Terre Duffy, Public Art Manager, Donegal County Council

Consulting Engineers: JC Warnocks Ltd. (Derry)



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