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Perpetual Motion

Artist Name(s) Remco de Fouw & Rachel Joynt
Artwork title Perpetual Motion
Context/Background The work is situated in a large green area surrounded by roads at the turn off for Naas, on the M7 motorway, being the main route from the south west of the country (Waterford, Cork, Limerick) to Dublin. 

A sculptural work by Remco de Fouw in collaboration with artist Rachel Joynt. This 9-meter sphere textured and painted with a tarmac-like surface depicts various road markings, which may suggest movement around a globe.

The piece reflects the surroundings of a busy motorway junction, and can be ‘read’ both at speed and from afar. Its ambiguity leaves people to speculate whether it may be a celebration or criticism of motorway development across the country. It is probably Ireland's best known sculpture.


Documentary RTÉ (Radio) Public Art. Kay Sheehy Feb 2005
Irish Times,  8 July 2000, Katie Donovan,
Art Lives, RTE 1 February 2011


Remco De Fouw
Remco De Fouw ARHA graduated from N.C.A.D in 1991 and has been working as a full time professional artist since then. He has had 6 solo exhibitions and participated in many group shows. He has received three Arts Council Bursaries as well as other awards including the Alexandra Wejchert Sculpture award 1998. He has completed numerous public art projects here and in the UK and now also works part time as an assistant Lecturer in Sculpture at IT Carlow, Wexford Campus.

Rachel Joynt
Rachel Joynt graduated with a Degree in Sculpture from NCAD in 1989. Having always worked in both gallery and public art, Rachel has had solo shows in Dublin, Belfast and Marseille and exhibited in many group shows. In 2005 she was elected full member of the RHA. She has numerous public art works throughout Ireland and some abroad. Rachel recently moved to Carlow.

Commission Type Local Authority
Commissioner Name Kildare County Council
Commissioning process Open submission
Project commission dates January 1, 2003 - January 1, 2004
Artform Visual Arts
Percent for art Yes
Budget Range 10000 - 30000 euro
Project commission start date 01/01/2003
Project commission end date 01/01/2004
Location Near the M7 motorway
County Kildar
Content contributor(s) Remco de Fouw / Rachel Joynt
Relationship to project Artists and coordinators
Public engagement

A workshop was given in a local school 

Associated professionals / Specialists involved

Trench Control LTD, Construction Chemicals LTD