Artist Name(s) Shawn Micallef, Gabe Roussel & James Sawhney
Artwork title [murmur]

[murmur] at Dublin Docklands was an audio documentary as part of the 2007 Bealtaine festival which collected and presented stories set in specific Docklands locations, as told by Dubliner's themselves. At each of these places, a [murmur] Dublin Docklands icon (a green ear), with telephone number and location code, marked where stories were available. With a mobile phone, users could listen to the story while also experiencing the place itself. Some stories would suggest that the listener walk around, following a certain path, while others allowed the listener to wander and gaze.

The stories were also available to listen to online. [murmur] at the Dublin Docklands aimed to bring an important archive in the form of Dubliner's own stories and recollections out onto the streets, for all to share. The project was launched in May 2007 and was available to listen to until September of the same year.

The [murmur] project was first established in Toronto's Kensington Market in 2003. That same year projects were launched in Vancouver's Chinatown and along St. Laurent Boulevard in Montreal, and since then, [murmur] has grown and expanded across other neighbourhoods in Toronto, Calgary, and San Jose, California, Edinburgh and Australia. [murmur] Dublin Docklands was created working with the Canadian artists who invented the project and who specialise in the use of new technology to animate the urban environment.


A website was launched to support the project where the stories could be listened to.


Shawn Micallef
Shawn Micallef is a senior editor at Spacing magazine, co-founder of [murmur], the location-based mobile-phone documentary project and instructor at the Ontario College of Art and Design. He writes about cities, culture, buildings, art, and whatever is interesting in books, blogs, magazines, and newspapers. Stroll, his monograph of Toronto from a flâneur's perspective, was published by Coach House Press in 2010.

Gabe Sawhney
Gabe Sawhney is a hacker working at the edges of code and culture. As co-creator of [murmur], he develops the platform, tools and infrastructure for the project. He is the founder of WirelessToronto, a community wireless network setting up free-to-use hotspots in public and semi-public spaces in the city, each featuring its own "hyper-local" community portal. Gabe has collaborated on several other locative media, video and kinetic interactive installation projects. With an academic background in architecture, film and semiotics, Gabe balances an understanding of technology with a passionate interest in visual design, usability and information architecture.

Commission Type Regeneration Agency
Commissioner Name Dublin Docklands Development Authority and The Bealtaine Festival
Commissioning process Curated process as part of an annual programme
Public Presentation dates April 30, 2007 - April 30, 2007
Artform Other
Funded By Other
Budget Range 35000 - 70000 euro
Location Dublin Docklands
County Dublin
Website www.murmurdublindocklands.info/
Content contributor(s) Dara O'Leary
Public engagement

Senior Citizens who told the stories, contacts made via Bealtaine and Docklands Authority local community.



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