Evidence 2007

Artist Name(s) James Hayes
Artwork title Evidence 2007
Context/Background This artwork was commissioned by the Office for Public Works as part of the Per Cent for Art scheme for the new Garda station at Oranmore. A Garda representative from the station was a member of the selection panel.

An anamorphic fingerprint stretchs across the reception area walls of the new Oranmore Garda Station. The artwork is 7.6m x 3.5m, laser cut stainless steel components floating 25mm from the wall's surface. As with traditional anamorphisms this work is mainly for the amusement of the viewer. The image appears as a distorted pattern from most angles, but resolves itself when viewed from the opposite corner of the reception area. It encourages interaction; a natural impulse is to attempt to locate the perfect viewing angle of least distortion. The view from upstairs allows for contemplation of the work as a composition of lines and forms.

The image of a fingerprint (evidence) has been made ubiquitous through film and television courtroom dramas, and immediately draws to mind references to the criminal justice system. The image is abstracted from my own fingerprint.

This artwork is a continuation of two previous large scale artworks, Evidence 2005 at Emo Court and Evidence 2006 at the National Botanic Gardens. Both of these previous artworks were site specific, temporary, landscape artworks based on the fingerprint image. Evidence 2005 contrasted the organic fingerprint design with the highly structured sculpture gardens and architecture of Emo Court, along with highlighting notions of a man made mark on the landscape. Evidence 2006 in the National Botanic Gardens was a more abstracted play on the rippling lines of the fingerprint, presenting a slice of the design along the edge of a river.


James Hayes is an established sculptor proficient in a wide range of traditional and new media skills, ranging from authentic Bronze Age metal casting, through to 3D computer modelling and image manipulation. He has been commissioned for site specific public, corporate & private sculpture regularly since 1995, and has exhibited extensively in Ireland and North America. James has organised five "Umha Aois" experimental bronze casting symposia since 1996. James trained in traditional visual arts and sculpture skills in Toronto, Canada, has a BA from DIADT and a Master of Science in Multimedia Skills from Trinity College, Dublin.



Commission Type OPW
Commissioner Name OPW
Commissioning process Limited competition by invitation
Public Presentation dates July 1, 2007 - January 1, 1970
Artform Visual Arts,Traditional Arts,Other
Art Practice Arts Participation
Percent for art Yes
Budget Range 10000 - 30000 euro
Project commission end date 01/03/2007
Location Oranmore Garda Station, Co. Galway
County Galway
Town Oranmore
Website www.lorjames.com/james/evidence07.htm
Content contributor(s) James Hayes
Relationship to project Artist



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