Selection process

The selection process covers procedures involved in making decision to award a commission. It includes a consideration of the selection panel and criteria uses for informing decisions.

Selection panels

A selection panel is appointed to select proposals and award commissions within a competitive process. The panel is usually made up of a small group of people who consider the merits of proposals submitted and make recommendations for selection. The panel can also decide, if the proposals are not of the level required, not to award a commission. This group of people is important and it is recommended to have good artistic representation on board. Artistic expertise can includes artistic peers, curators and specialist practitioners in the field of practice of a particular commission. Others on the panel can include members from the project team - architect, librarian, engineer, a member from a particular community, local arts expertise, the arts officer and public art specialist. It is recommended that a majority of panelist have art expertise.

Selection criteria

Selection criteria establishes a standard for judging and assessing proposals. This ties in with the purpose and focus of the commission and aims for a high quality of artistic ambition and connectivity. Criteria for selection might include: 

  • Artistic quality, artistic ambition, quality of ideas and inventiveness.
  • Context and connection
  • Technical feasibility - artist's track record and/or potential.
  • Budget feasibility 



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