Commissioning Public Art does not mean merely providing the public with the most obvious and fixed solution, for this would preclude the possibility of truly innovative art. It involves a process of dialogue and expanding horizons in the sense that people cannot express a desire for that which they have not yet experienced. However the fear of controversy has too often been an inhibiting factor in the commissioning process. The pressure to play it safe, to do what has been done before or not to rock the boat can seem overwhelming and can impact negatively on the vision and ambition of a project. However Donegal County Council believe that an effective public art work does not patronise or placate its public and the instantly popular option must be balanced against the desire to ?raise the bar? and the demands of enduring quality, creativity and professionalism.

Ms. Terre Duffy, Public Art Manager, Donegal County Council, Making Shapes? Public Art in Donegal, 2006 - 2010.

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  • Tere Duffy
  • 2009



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Nazareth Housing Association provides independent living houses for individuals and couples who are 65 and over and on the Sligo County Council housing list.  Nazareth Village is comprised of 48 houses in a garden setting.  The Village was financed as a public-private partnership between Nazareth Housing Association and Sligo County Council with funding from the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government.  

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