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Together and Apart

Artist Name(s) Antony Gormley
Artwork title Together and Apart
Context/Background The University of Limerick (which obtained Gallery Status from the Irish Revenue Commissioners in 31 January 2007) has a number of art collections. The Visual Arts Office is charged with the care, custody, and control of the various art collections on campus. These collections include the University's own collections, including:
  • Watercolour Society of Ireland's Permanent Collection;
  • Irish American Cultural Institute's O'Malley Collection; 
  • The Wood Collection of Irish 19th Century Landscape painting;
  • William and Elizabeth Bourn Vincent Gallery;
  • Armitage Collection;
  • Burke Collection;
  • Medical Art Collection;
  • National Self Portrait Collection of Ireland; 
  • University of Limerick Art Collection;
  • Helen Hooker O'Malley Roelofs Sculpture Trust.
The university also has an outdoor sculpture collection, with works by Irish and international artists such as Sean Scully, Alexandra Wejchert, Peter Logan, Tom Fitzgerald, James McKenna, Louise Walsh and Ken Thompson.

Together and Apart (2001) is a cast-iron sculpture of a lone figure, with head slightly bowed and arms pressed close to the body. It is one of a series of five figures, created in a similar style to Gormley's famous anthropomorphic body cast series of the 1980s.

It was not originally commissioned for the university, and thus cannot be described as site-specific or site-responsive like much of Gormley’s wider sculptural practice. Gormley did however select the most appropriate site for the figure, situating it in between the library and the main building, with the intention of linking a solitary, contemplative space within the busier hub of ‘teaching, learning and administration’.


Catherine Lawless ‘Together and Apart’, Irish Arts Review, Spring 2009


Antony Gormley is widely acclaimed for his sculptures, installations and public artworks that investigate the relationship of the human body to space. His work has developed the potential opened up by sculpture in the 1970s through a critical engagement with both his own body and those of others in a way that confronts fundamental questions of where human being stands in relation to nature and the cosmos. Gormley continually tries to identify the space of art as a place of becoming in which new behaviours, thoughts and feelings can arise. Gormley's work has been widely exhibited throughout the UK and internationally. See his website for further details:

Commission Type Private Commission
Commissioner Name Dr. Roger Downer - President of the University of Limerick (1998-2006)
Commissioning process Purchased by The University of Limerick. Installation Date: 21 February 2001
Artform Visual Arts
Funded By Private
Budget Range 35000 - 70000 euro
Location Central Plaza, University of Limerick campus, (Outside main reception between the library, the main humanities building and the University Concert Hall)
County Limeri
Town Limerick
Street Address Plassey, Castletroy
Content contributor(s) Web Editor
Associated professionals / Specialists involved

Mary Colette Sheehan -  Visual Arts Administrator at University of Limerick