5 Days Around Glenhest

Artist Name(s) Allie Kay
Artwork title 5 Days Around Glenhest
Context/Background The background to this art work was a series of workshops carried out at Cloodaf National School, Glenhest, in the autumn of 2007. The workshops were built around colour and, particularly, textures. After introducing the children to various techniques the artist then looked at the natural environment around the school and interpreted it through colour and texture studies and photography. A particular emphasis was placed on the close study of textured surfaces and upper classes took a series of photos using two digital cameras where they chose the subjects and how to shoot them. Each child eventually designed and made a small book into which they cut, shaped and collaged their images.

When all the workshops were completed and all the data was collected, Kay looked at ways of interpreting this work into a format which both used the images and reflected the work made in the school. A book was therefore ideal as it allowed for a maximum input from the children's work (photos) with her own photos of the wider area around the school, and opposite each, a personal response in a variety of media.

Old walls and sheds with doorways and windows, some open, others wholly or partially blocked, suggested an art work based on a series of boxes. Colour and textures of water, trees, old machinery, fences etc would provide starting points for work with the children and teachers to make a variety of materials into  textured 'papers' and 'clothes'. These would be collaged into larger 'pictures' for use in the finished works. The photos were printed and interpreted in a wide variety of materials such as leaves, grasses, bark, fleece, flax and painted and batiked papers. The textured pieces resulting from this would be re-arranged as collages which would, in turn, become one of the layers in the finished art works. Unused pieces could be gathered into small books to illustrate different tactile qualities.

Commission Type Local Authority
Commissioner Name Mayo County Council
Project commission dates August 31, 2007 - December 1, 2007
Artform Visual Arts
Percent for art Yes
Budget Range 0 - 10000 euro
Project commission start date 31/08/2007
Project commission end date 01/12/2007
County Mayo
Town Glenhest
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Content contributor(s) Gaynor Seville
Relationship to project Public Art Co-ordinator 



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